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Experience and research suggest that the sooner someone is tested the better. The sooner their profile of functioning, including a diagnosis of dyslexia or any other difficulty, is available the sooner they can be helped to develop and put into action appropriate strategies to maximise strengths and raise achievement and well-being.


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Those in education can ask for an assessment to be carried out through the School or College. They should first make their concerns know to, and ask for help via, teachers, tutors or lecturers who should know what to do next. Other options are to use an online checklist for an initial assessment of any possible issues, to have a detailed assessment by a qualified and experienced professional such as a specialist teacher or a Registered Practitioner Psychologist.

Assessment options for adults can be less straightforward. People in employment may be able to arrange assessment and support through their employer, especially if the difficulties might affect their work. People in Further or Higher Education may find their College or University has arrangements for high quality assessment at reasonable cost. Both employed and non-employed people can seek advice via Government organisations such as the national JobCentre Plus network. Some disability and advisory organisations can offer advice and help.

Parents, students and adults also have the option of seeking a private assessment, which is unlikely to be free. Similar, often non-psychologist and non-specialist teacher/tutor, assessments may be available through Job Centre Plus and other adult and employment related services (including Dyslexia Foundation).

Local Psychologists and Specialist Teachers

Please note that SHADDA does not make any recommendations. The information here is as given to us by the individual or organisation who is listed. It is up to you to check their credentials and agree the terms of business.

  • Sionah Lannen PhyMAppSci, MEd, BA, DipEdPsy, DipCE, Chartered Educational Psychologist, 20+ years experience.
    • Mail: Red Rose School, St Anne's, Lancashire. FY8 2NQ.
    • Tel: 01253 720570
    • Web: www.redroseschool.co.uk (checked before 2012)
  • Jim Doyle Chartered Educational Psychologist, Published author on Dyslexia, HCPC Registered, Based in Liverpool.
  • Teresa Shuttleworth Chartered Occupational Psychologist. 16+ to adult age group.
    • Mail: 22 Brisbane Close, Bramhall, Stockport, SK7 3LF
    • Tel: 07977274 809. (checked before 2012)
  • Bangor Dyslexia Unit Bangor University
  • Adults and Dyslexia in the Workplace: Ms Giselle Hope, Psychology Degree, BSc(Hons) Masters in Occupational Psychology (MA), Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol.) Dyslexia testing from £375, Dyspraxia assessment from £395, Counselling/coaching from £70.
  • psychologist.uk Has a team of experienced HPC Registered Psychologists working throughout the UK. Experienced in School, College, University, Statement, Tribunal and Court work. Cost based on time taken. Assessment for dyslexia about £550-£650 plus travel/expenses.
    • Mail: psychologist.uk, Box42 Group, St Helens. WA10 3BF
    • Tel: 0844 357 8309
    • Fax: 0844 357 6642
    • Email: welcome@psychologist.uk (checked 14/06/19)
  • Michelle Pemberton (Dyslexia Teaching Centre)
    • Mail: 436 Allerton Road, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L18 3JX
    • Tel: 0151 2800317
    • Email: dyslexiatc@yahoo.co.uk (checked before 2012)
  • Lyn Morris
  • Index Of Patoss Tutors
  • Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice (AChiPPP)
  • BPSs register of Chartered Psychologists
  • HCPC Register of Practitioner Psychologists

On-line Screening: Adult (Not necessarily validated or standardised.)

Online Screening: Child (Not necessarily validated or standardised.)

There are many other similar questionnaires and tests available. Do a search on-line for "dyslexia test".